April 28, 2016

LulzSec Disbands, Apple Site Attacked and Fox Twitter Account Hacked

It was not mentioned last time, but the hacker group LulzSec has announced it is disbanded after 50 days of malicious pursuits online. Two major events happened this past weekend. The first involves an iframe hack on an Apple website. The second involves Fox News’ Twitter account which was hacked with posts about assassination of President Obama.

LulzSec Disbands, Apple Site Attacked And Fox Twitter Account Hacked
LulzSec Disbands, Apple Site Attacked And Fox Twitter Account Hacked

After 50 days of attacking web sites and releasing compromised data including some 750,000 user accounts, LulzSec announced on Twitter a link to a Pastebin post that it has disbanded, the day of George Orwell’s birthday, author of the novel 1984. A group known as the A-Team released detailed information on LulzSec members on June 25 as well. Whether these identities can be linked to the group’s past activity is uncertain.

Even with the end of LulzSec, the AntiSec movement is still active. A list of 27 usernames and passwords were posted on Pastebin July 3, allegedly from an Apple Business Intelligence survey. A different post on Pastebin linked to in a tweet from idahc_hacker warned Apple of the security hole the same day.

For those unfamiliar with iframe attacks, they can only happen by accessing the physical files of the website. This can be accomplished is through acquiring login credentials to the web server, or through a virus on someone’s computer who is transferring files to the web server. Earlier this year a massive iframe attack happened which infected more than 20 sites and 401,000 pages.

Lastly, on July 4, Fox News’ Twitter account was hacked. Tweets were posted stating that President Obama had been assassinated. It took 10 hours for the company to delete the posts, according to one article. Fox News released a statement saying that the Secret Service will be investigating the situation and that they regret any distress caused.

As a final note, it is worth mentioning that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a website designated for detering, detecting, and defending against identity theft. The site is a great resource for both businesses and consumers for both educating and dealing with identity theft. I suppose once again, ode to online security!

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